30 years of quality activated carbon

The Jafferjee Brothers Group of Companies is a Sri Lankan conglomerate that is dedicated in utilizing lean manufacturing techniques and processes to create innovative products with a Sri Lankan touch to fulfill a global demand. The focus of our invention is using unique raw material available in regions across Sri Lanka. We are a multi-million dollar company and have received on multiple accounts the Presidential Export Award due to the quality and attention to detail applied to the products we export.


In 1986, we introduced a new niche export business, JB Carbon Activators, manufacturing premium quality activated carbon from Sri Lankan coconut. It is a family business with its core values focused on innovation, process flexibility and passion for excellence.


JB Carbon Activators is dedicated to providing creative carbon solutions. We provide services from initial concept development to delivery of a manufactured carbon that suits your products’ needs. Located just 2km from the Colombo Port the manufacturing plant is able to provide samples and shipments with speed and flexibility to meet the markets demands.


We provide a variety of carbons in our portfolio. We create both granular and powdered forms including washed, impregnated and catalytic carbon made from coconut shell and charcoal. Additionally, we run global operations to best meet the needs of our customers from USA, Europe, Turkey, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Cyprus.