Manufacturing Process

Specializing from design to delivery. We are dedicated to designing activated carbon that suit your product needs.

Material Procurement

  • We procure highest quality coconut shell charcoal from local suppliers across Sri Lanka.
  • Each batch is tested for hardness, moisture, ash, stones and metal as part of incoming quality control.
  • The coconut carbon is then granulated and fed into the kilns to be  activated.

Development and Production

  • We specialize in High Hardness Activated Carbon. We can develop carbons of different surface areas and pore structures through precision manufacturing techniques that monitor oxidation at varying temperatures.
  • We use rotary furnaces, screening, de-stoning, de-dusting, drying and grinding equipment to treat the carbon.  Each piece of equipment is calibrated prior to production to ensure uniformity across batches.
  • We can also tailor the product to our customers’ specifications.

Testing and Quality Control

  • Each batch is sent to the lab for extensive quality testing.
  • We test for: Bulk density, Ash content, Ball-pan hardness, Moisture content, Particle size distribution, Mean particle diameter, pH, Ignition temperature, Iodine number, Methylene Blue Adsorption and Butane Adsorption. ASTM tests are performed for liquid and gas phase applications.
  •  A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is provided for each batch and additional sample tests can be developed upon request.